O venere

About Venere

VENERE is located in the charming seaside town Izola, Slovenia the green heart of Europe, where you can feel a strong connection with the sea and nature. Therefore, is not surprising that our production has focused on quality, comfortable and natural materials that defy the sun, wind and rough rocks. Every season, our designers create a wide range of creative clothing and fashion accessories, in which a touch of the Mediterranean - Alpine environment is woven. Sustainable development and following fashion trends are reflected in each of our products with the aim of satisfying the expectations of the most demanding consumers.



The company was founded in 1996 and is built on tradition and care for the environment. Over the years, results, high motivation and complete commitment have placed us at the very top of suppliers in the region and beyond. You can find our products on the shelves of specialized clothing stores and in the offer of international retail chains.



Our motto is: »We don't just make clothes, we create a lifestyle.« 

Our product range includes knitted and cotton garments as well as fashion accessories for children of all ages and adults. Comfortable, trendy and quality seasonal collections created by our designers cover everyday clothing as well as clothing for sports and recreation. Upon your request, we can upgrade or personalize any product from our offer. The satisfaction of our partners and customers is the main goal of our company. That is why our clothes are made of natural materials and produced with modern and environmentally friendly technological processes.



We want to continue making our business in the set direction. With our designers and experienced experts, we want to continue to create quality and comfortable creations in harmony with nature. We are striving to further strengthen our presence in SE European markets and to expand our business to new markets, inside and outside the EU.



All the materials we use are high quality, of natural origin and carefully selected. Customers have access to our colour palette, which we update every year according to rapidly changing trends.



Quality assurance is provided by a specially trained process-focused department that monitors and evaluates textile products, clothing and accessories during the preparation phase, production and after the end of production. Quality assurance focuses on the whole production process, not just the evaluation of the final product.

Naši certifikati


We have certificates for the production of clothing from organic materials GOTS and OEKO-TEX®, which provides consumers with a competitive advantage and a high level of protection, commitment to excellence, reliability and one step closer to sustainable development. If desired, we can also provide a Bureau Veritas certification mark.