Venere - Fashion factory

Clothes made with love

Quality and comfortable clothing for the whole family

We are a company with more than 25 years of tradition, our own production and distribution centre in the heart of Europe.

Our creations have a touch of the Mediterranean-Alpine environment, are made of natural materials, and take care of environmental preservation. Customers are regularly provided carefully, with selected products.

We believe that we co-create the most beautiful moments and comfortable well-being with comfortable and fashionable clothes. Our collection can convince even the most demanding customers.


Our in-house collection

We believe that by creating comfortable and fashionable clothes we bring special moments full of happiness and joy to the daily life of a child.

Lastna proizvodnja

Our production

We guarantee top products with on-time delivery, which we achieve by modern technology and a group of experts. Our goal is to deliver affordable casual fashion clothing to a wide range of customers.

25 letna zgodba

25 years of success

VENERE was founded in 1996. Sustainable development, monitoring trends and creating quality clothing have placed us at the very top of suppliers in the region and beyond.



We cooperate and supply many customers in the Balkans, Europe and beyond with clothes for the whole family.

By focusing on our customers, we ensure reliable, safe and efficient delivery of our products on a daily basis.